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About Fat

The body fat of an adult tends to increase gradually over the years, especially after age 30. After this age, an individual tends to gain body fat according to a genetically predetermined pattern. This fat distribution is often resistant to exercise and dieting making it a frustrating process. An example of genetically predetermined fat distribution that is resistant to dieting and exercise are the fat deposits that appear on the abdomen and hips after pregnancy. For many people who have inherited the tendency to accumulate excessive fat, liposuction is the only realistic means of body contouring to significantly change the body’s silhouette. However, not all patients are willing or able to undergo extensive surgical liposuction procedures.


Now you can finally be rid of that stubborn body fat once and for all with minimal downtime and faster recovery! Dr. Goins has been performing minimally-invasive laser liposuction since 2008 and presented a paper on this topic at a national medical meeting in 2010. Mid Carolina Surgery, Vein, Aesthetics & Wellness is pleased to be one of two area practices offering the latest, state-of-the-art “Smart-Lipo Triplex” platform.  The cutting edge SmartLipo liposuction technology has three laser wavelengths, which facilitate both fat destruction, and skin tightening to optimize patient experience and outcomes.


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